Student at East Columbus Magnet Academy brings gun to school

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) - A 14-year-old East Columbus Magnet Academy student is arrested after authorities say he brought a gun to school.

Tuesday morning an anonymous tip about a student who had a gun at school lead a school resource officer at East Columbus Magnet Academy on a locker search.

Inside the boy's locker they found an unloaded revolver and a ski mask in his backpack. The 14-year-old was then taken to the Columbus police station for questioning.

Police say the boy told them the gun belonged to a family member and he brought the gun to school today to try to sell it to another student. However, he did not have an explanation for the ski mask.

East Columbus Magnet Academy Principal Kevin Scott told FOX 54, "I'm just very hurt to know that could be happening at my school. I was worried about my children being safe. That's my biggest concern, the safety of my East Columbus Magnet Academy students."

The Muscogee County School District says the young boy will face disciplinary actions from administrators.

Columbus police have charged him with possession of a firearm by a minor and carrying a weapon on school grounds. He will be held in the Youth Detention Center.

There were no reports of injuries or any other incidents. Principal Scott says he is thankful to the anonymous student who came forward and turned the boy in. He encourages all students to feel secure about talking with teachers and administrators and he says thanks that tip, the students at East Columbus Magnet stayed safe.

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