Most Wanted: Farmers Market Murder

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - On the morning of Wednesday June 7 2006, outside the Farmers Market in Columbus lives were changed.  Police found the body of 71-year old William Campbell was slumped over in the seat of a truck with a gunshot wound and pronounced dead at the scene.

"He didn't deserve this, no way, he didn't deserves to go the way he went.", says Campbell's son-in-law Davey Williams.

Williams has come forward to talk about the man he grew to love as a father and the aftermath of his tragic death. "I've seen the man go out and borrow money to help somebody and never get a dime of it back and didn't care. He was just that type of Christian", says Williams.

He describes his father- in- law as a man who loved to help people. Nicknamed "Hogman" Campbell had 3-children and a wife he left behind. Williams says Campbell visited the market frequently to pick up bad produce to take to his hog farm.

All that came to a tragic end on June 7, 2006. "My wife still have trouble with it. There is not a day that goes by that we don't just tear up. They miss him, I miss him," says Williams.

Officer Deborah Whitley with the Columbus Police Department wants this case solved and the person or persons responsible brought to justice. Whitley say, "It doesn't matter how old the case is. Those cases still need to be solved. There's still a piece of the puzzle that's missing in order to solve the case."

And it's those pieces police are still looking for. When Campbell's body was discovered inside his truck his wallet and money was still with him--which police say rules out robbery. "Something that you may not think is important maybe exactly what we need to close that case,"says Whitley.

"If anybody knows anything please come forward, call the detectives here at the police department, because if it happens to your family, which I don't want to happen to nobody else family. I don't want to see nobody else go through what we've been going through,"says Williams.

If you have any information that will help police make an arrest in this case you are asked to call the local Crime stoppers at 706 653-3188. Your identity can remain anonymous and if your information leads to an arrest you could receive a cash reward.

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