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Same-sex marriage: Are you for or against?


After President Barak Obama announced his support of same-sex marriage Wednesday, local supporters say this is a huge step for the gay community. 

Sounds of rejoicing fill New Life in Messiah Fellowship after Senior Pastor Colley Williams heard about President Barak Obama's announcement of his support for same sex marriage.

"We are going to have those that disagree and that's fine.  We're not asking people to accept us.  What we are asking is just let us have our rights as they have their rights to marry." 

13 years ago Williams and his partner dedicated their lives to one another, but he hopes the open backing from the President will lead to voters passing amendments to state laws, like in Georgia and Alabama, that ban gay marriage.

"Probably all the couples in our congregation will probably do another ceremony including me and my spouse that a marriage ceremony that is actually legal."
A recent pew research poll shows that people are almost evenly split with 47% in favor of same-sex marriage and 43% against.

"That's your choice.  No one should tell you who you should be in love with.  You have the right to choose that yourself because we're in the United States," said Keanda Miller in support of same-sex marriage.

Still, many critics like those in North Carolina disagree.

"As we all know, marriage was not invented by government, our creator established it as the union between a man and a woman," said Tami Fitzgerald with Vote for Marriage North Carolina.

But, Williams says the battle is for a human right.

"We could be put on insurance with our partners and spouses, and we could file jointing on our taxes and get the same benefits that the heterosexual people get," said Williams.

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