Thousands of jobs; restaurants shops and more head to Phenix City

PHENIX CITY, AL (WTVM) - Phenix City could see more than 3,000 jobs, new hotels, restaurants and more on the site that will be called The Brickyard.

An 87 acre plot of land from Brickyard Road to the river that will change the way residents think about Phenix City.

Max Wilkes, Phenix City Councilman, says, "I think it'll bring people in, we've never had anything like's something we've been looking for the last three years."

J.W. Brannen, a developer on the project, adds, "It's almost unimaginable to the value if the city. It is so vast it means a lot of revenue." And with a lot of revenue comes, a lot of jobs.  Its projected it will bring more than 3,000 jobs, 1,500 of them will be permanent.

The Brickyard is on the other side of Chattahoochee River across from the Civic Center. Councilman Wilkes says the proposal just needs a final approval by Phenix City council next week.

"It's gonna have shopping, condos, [and] motels. I think it will tie well into whitewater too," said Wilkes.

Brannen says one of the best features will be the entertainment district. "This project is going to be designed to have entertainment out here for the people to come to Fort Benning."

Brannen wouldn't give names but says the entertainment area has already begun to attract big entertainment acts.

"I think it'll change the way people think about Phenix City around the world."

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