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Mother of child stabbed with scissors speaks out



The mother of a student who was stabbed at a Columbus middleschool is speaking out and warning parents to talk to their children andadministrators about bullying.

"The thought of you losing your child where you think theyare supposed to be safe at. You shouldn't have to worry about someone bringinga weapon or even getting in the school with a weapon."

Sommer Whatley says she will never forget the day she got a startlingcall to pick her daughter up from school.  She was told that her daughter had been pokedwith scissors.

"So I get up there and I say yea I'm here to check out SierraWhatley and by this time the principal came around the coroner and said, ‘youmust not know what happened’ then my heart dropped," Whatley said. 

Whatley was led to the nurse’s office down the hall and she foundher daughter suffering from a stab wound in her right arm. 

"If he would have stabbed her in the wrong spot I could havelost my child's life," Whatley said. 

Her daughter, Sierra, was taken to St.Francis Hospital where she was given stitches and her arm was put in a cast andsling.

Whatley says the scissors pierced her daughter skin to the boneshe feels that all of this could have been avoided had the school district listenedthe first time she reported that her daughter was being bullied. 

"I even went above the principal and I called the board ofeducation and spoke to a lady in the bullying department at the board ofeducation and all she told me was after I talked to the principal she wassupposed to call me back she never called me back," Whatley said. 

News Leader 9 reached out to Arnold Middle School Principal LauraReed. She declined to interview but a spokesperson with the Muscogee CountySchool district told News Leader 9 that there haven't been any documentation ofbullying for Sierra Whatley on record. 

Still Whatley says she has made several reports to the principaland school board and encourages other parents to do the same. 

"We've never had an issue like this before and to sit backand them not do anything, not call, not tell me anything. I don't want anyoneelse's child to be in the situation my child was," Whatley said. 

Student Services Director Melvin Blackwell says that parentsshould notify their child’s principal immediately if they know that their childis being bullied. 


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