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Young athlete is attacked by pit bull


A Columbus boy is recovering after being attacked by a neighbor's dog Friday. News Leader 9 spoke with the victim who says he has scars seen and unseen.

Thirteen year-old Jabriel Jelks told us he was outside playing in his aunt's yard when the dog came out of nowhere. "I just looked up...I saw [the dog] running at me. I didn't know what to do," said Jabriel.

The neighbor's dog bit him in the leg twice. However, before the dog could cause anymore damage, Jabriel's 16-year-old cousin, Jacoby Hawkins, says he had to think quickly. "[To get the dog off of him] I threw a chair," said Jacoby. 

Jabriel was rushed to The Medical Center where he had to have surgery on his leg. "[The doctor says] he might have nerve damage. It might come and go but he's going to have problems with his leg" said the victim's mother Jennifer Jelks. 

Neighbors say this has happened more than once with this particular dog. "This is the second incident. I think it was reported in February that he bit another woman on this street. Two other kids said they got bit by him but it was never reported," said Jelks. 

Jabriel's mother did report this incident. She says the dog ran away when animal control came to the scene.

The physical scars are bad, now the young athlete has emotional scars as well. "I don't want a dog [any] more," said Jabriel.

After getting attacked, Jabriel is afraid to be around his own pet pit bull; he's asked his mom to give it away.

"I just hope he recovers and he comes back to the same old him," said the victim's cousin, Jacoby. 

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