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Families celebrate Mother's Day in the Fountain City


They're special beyond measure. You only get one.  Although, you may show how much you love them every day, there's one day out of the year set aside specifically for them.

"Wonderful! It's awesome. It's fantastic that I can live to be able to see my daughter and my grandchildren...to bring me out," Mother of two Dorthy Burton said.

Burton's daughter Monica and her granddaughters Mikayla and Mia took her out on this special day. 

"Everything is special. It's special just be able to be in another Mother's Day," said Burton.

 Lucille Green says she also feels very special. "I feel so special. I feel special being a mother. I feel special being with my daughter," Green said.

 Green is being treated to dinner by her grandson and daughter. "My daughter has been awful sick and I'm grateful and I thank God that she is still with me today."

 Ms. Green says she is grateful, because her grandson who is a Iraqi veteran and her daughter who suffered a brain stem stroke are still alive to celebrate with her.

"We didn't think she was going to make it but God knows best. The doctor's told us at the time that she had it, she wouldn't live through the night but that's been seventeen years ago. So we got a lot to be grateful for...just a lot"

Dorthy Burton's daughter Monica Foster says being a mom is the best gift and knows being able to still celebrate with her mother, is a blessing.

"I feel good. It's wonderful to be with my mother, everyday with her is Mother's day to me. And, I'm so blessed to have a living mother, a lot of people mothers are gone on and I'm just happy to have mine," said Foster.

Other families are showinghow much they are grateful for their mother's as well. "It's just a day thatyou get to take time to spend with your Mom. You grow up and then it's likewell now I live by myself so I get to spend this whole day with my mom,"said Lindsay Smith.

Smith and her cousinTaylor came out to dinner with their huge family, to honor their moms. "Lots of fun. We'vegot a big family anyway so when we all get together it's a good time,"said Smith.

Mommy, mother, mom, or as we like to say in the South 'mama' whatever you like to call yours be sure to tell her how much you love her especially on Mother's Day.

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