Will president’s support of gay marriage cost him re-election?

The country is still a buzz about the President's recent endorsement of same-sex marriages. But will his controversial announcement cost him the African-American vote; especially among Christians?

The controversial Newsweek magazine cover has hit the newsstands this month. The latest edition has President Obama on the cover, with a rainbow colored halo over his head, and a headline calling him 'The First Gay President'.

"For me personally, it is important for me to go ahead and affirm, that I think that same sex couples should be able to get married," said President Obama during his interview with ABC News last week.

Those words were the main topic during a Bible discussion lead by Pastor Johnny H. Flakes at 4th Street Baptist Church in Columbus.

"I want to use this, because we have to come to ask ourselves, who are we going to follow; the culture or Christ?"

Pastor Flakes says the president has taken a worldly-view on the issues, but there's also a biblical view.

"We, as followers of Christ, have to take a stand. We have to know his word. We have to know what he's instructed," says Pastor Flakes.

He referenced a few scriptures during the discussion, such as Leviticus, in which homosexuality is called an abomination.  Flakes says, you can also find scriptures in the New Testament, in Romans and Corinthians. "It's not that we hate the person who has chosen a preference. But as God despise sin, we should despise sin."

Pastor Flakes says he believes homosexuality is a choice that people make. It's a choice that he as a Christian cannot condone.

Flakes says he does not hate the person who has made the choice; just as he will not turn his back on President Obama for choosing to support gay marriage.

"We love President Barack Obama, we pray for President Barack Obama and when it comes time to vote for him, we vote for him."

The president endorsing gay marriage does not seem to affect the way the people at 4th Street Baptist Church plan to vote.

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