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Senior Prank Gone Too Far?

As many as twenty students at a Phenix City school could face criminal charges after what police call a "smelly" prank at Glenwood School. We'll tell you what the prank involved and why the students could be in serious trouble.

Mr. Penny Home From Hospital

The man known as Mister Penny to Auburn fans is home tonight from the hospital after surviving a gunshot to the head. We talk to his family about his condition and what's ahead for the "super" Auburn fan.

Girl Hanged Laid to Rest

Funeral services were held today for the Alabama elementary student found hanged to death outside her home. Her stepbrother is in custody, we've got the latest on the investigation.

Fad Diets - The Good, Bad & Ugly

With swimsuit season fast approaching, many people will turn to fad diets for fast results. But do they work and are they good for you? We put some of these diets to the test and talk to a dietician about what you need to know before a fad diet. Join me for my special report - Fad Diets, the Good, Bad and Ugly.

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