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Signs your child may be bringing a weapon to school



For the third time in aweek, a child has brought a weapon, like a gun or knife, to a local school.

Parents like Lakeia Whatleysay they are shocked a 3rd-grade student allegedly brought a knife to WynntonArts Academy in Columbus on Monday. Whatley's son is in first grade at theschool.

"I'm hoping he's nothurt.  I'm hoping nobody got hurt.  So, that was my whole reactionwas making sure he was safe.  Making sure other kids were okay," saidWhatley.

Muscogee County SchoolDistrict officials say the student gave the knife to another student. Administratorsconfiscated it from the second student's backpack.  Officials say no onewas injured.

This comes a few weeksafter an Arnold Middle School student was stabbed by another student with apair of scissors, and just days after two other incidents.

On May 8, an East ColumbusMagnet Academy student brought a gun to school, and the next day, officials saya knife was taken from the locker of a Blackmon Road Middle School student.

Bob Prehn, Administrative Director for theBradley Center, says many children who bring weapons to school can feel likethey are not in control.

"Some of them canresort to things like carrying guns or threatening guns or knives or weapons ofvarious sorts is a means to gain power in a situation where they feelpowerless," said Prehn

Prehn says there are somered flags that should prompt you to talk to your child. "Aggression bythat child towards a younger sibling, a little sister or little brother,"said the expert.

He says other signs couldbe your child openly talking about violence or harming pets. 

Whatley is grateful thissituation was handled quickly. She says prevention can start at home.

"Check their book bagsbefore they leave home, but there are still ways they can get a hold of theitems.  So, I guess the school should have metal detectors or somethinglike that to search all the kids because there is no age limit," saidWhatley.

The Muscogee County SchoolDistrict outlines strict policies when a child brings a weapon onto campus. Accordingto the policy, students who bring weapons could be expelled from school for onecalendar year and they could also face charges from local police.

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