More combat-related jobs for women in the Army

The Army has announced, they are going to open thousands of combat-related jobs for women in the military.

FOX 54 spoke with four women have more than three decades of service between them. Through the years they have rose through the ranks, not letting their gender be an excuse. Finally, they say, they are going to get recognized.

"I'm pretty happy about the situation because a lot of us already been on the front line. However, it gives us more of an opportunity to give the men in the U.S. Army the challenge of what a female can do on the battlefield," says 203rd Brigade Support Battalion Sergeant Valerie Quinones.

Women are doing a lot on and off the battlefield.  According to the 'Army Times', women make up almost 16 percent of the army and serve in more than 78 percent of the army's jobs.

More than 135,000 women have deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. In addition, many have been awarded over 400 valor awards.

"I don't think there's a difference. Because both male and female who are deployed and there are females that are out there on the front lines doing some of the same things that the males are doing," Bravo Company, BSCB First Sergeant Kathy Cade said.

According to the Army Times, in 1994 women were barred from combat units below the brigade level.

However, as hundreds of thousands of women serve in the Iraq War, things are changing. Over 14,000 jobs are now being offered to women, in everything from logistics to intelligence.

"As a recruiter, many females came in, they wanted to do the jobs but unfortunately they couldn't do it at the time. The positions are opening up to where they can support at below brigade level to where they can actually do the jobs to support the missions," Alpha Company, 203rd BSB Staff Sergeant Tanya Mays said.

3rd Brigade, HHG Staff Sergeant April Hulsizer says the change is going to be a lot fun, "It's a little bit more fun getting to play with the boys I guess you could say."

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