Valley Healthcare System moves into new medical center

After more than a decade of planning, a new medical center is moving into its brand new building in South Columbus.

Tuesday, Valley Healthcare has opened its doors and movers began bringing equipment into the new building.

CEO Sarah Lang says she has waited a long time to see this project completed, "We are all excited. I'm particularly excited because it has taken us about 10 years to have this dream come true."

The sign has not been placed on the building and already the new medical center has started seeing patients.  Lang says you can think of Valley Healthcare as a one stop shop providing patients with a number of different services. "We have all staff physicians both family practitioners as well as family pediatricians, and clinical psychologist. We will be bringing in a new OBGYN for women's health services and dentist."

Lang says they chose to move to South Columbus because of high demand in the area.

"We're finding that a majority of patients that we see in the statistics that are showing that this community, it needs additional services and that's why we are here."

A ribbon cutting ceremony is planned for next month to officially open the new building.

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