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EDITORIAL: Texting Law

EDITORIAL: We are pleased that the Alabama legislature has finally passed a no texting while driving law.

I was reminded last week how dangerous that can be. I was on I-85 coming home from Atlanta during crowded rush hour when the SUV in front of me started drifting from lane to lane and speeding up and slowing down. Traffic was heavy but everyone managed to get out of the way without an accident. This lasted for a good five-minutes and when I was able to finally see the driver. She was holding a phone with both hands typing while she steered the vehicle with her forearms.

A recent national study found that while driving and texting, drivers failed to detect hazards, responded to hazards more slowly, and were exposed to risk for longer periods. They were less able to keep a constant distance behind lead vehicle, had large increases in variability of lane position, and many more lane departures. I witnessed all of these symptoms on that day and was amazed that no one was injured.

Please keep your phone in your purse or pocket while driving.

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