Be There: Parents Getting Involved at School

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Theschool year is coming to an end which means many schools will host "end ofthe year" events and parties, but these celebrations aren't just for thekids, they are also an easy way parents can get involved with their child'sschool.

Spring is in the air and WesleyHeights Elementary School is flinging into it with their Spring Fling carnival.

"We have jump houses, wehave a photo booth, we have a crazy clown coming in and we have snow cones anda ton of food. We really want to encourage our students to have a great timebecause they have done great this year," said Wesley Heights PTA PresidentRebecca Goodwin.

Their celebration is not justend of the year fun. Goodwin says it is to applaud the students for all theirhard work, "Everybody who passed all five parts of the CRCT test gets infree. Everybody else has to pay but they get to play too. We really wanted tocelebrate the year, we've had a really great year. We want to have some safefun during these crazy days so we invited all our parents to bring everyoneout."

Rebecca Goodwin, who alsovolunteers at the school regularly, says school-wide events are an easy way toget families involved.

"Comein and read with class, eat lunch with your student. It is so important to havethat bond with your kids. Make it where every time you come into the schoolit's not because they are in trouble, we want parent involvement to be apositive thing. I'd like to see a lot more parents make the effort to come inand do some things with their kids."

The parents and students atWesley Heights Elementary School enjoyed their Spring Fling until 7 p.m Wednesdaynight.  Since it is the end of the schoolyear, there will be plenty of school events all over Muscogee County thatparents can attend.

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