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Law enforcement visits Glenwood school after senior prank

Students at Glenwood High School received a special visit from the Metro Narcotics Task Force helicopter. The helicopter landed on the school's football field a little after 10 a.m. Wednesday. 

Glenwood English teacher, Jaime Tillman, says the school wanted to do something positive. Members of the school's senior class vandalized the school over the weekend.

"This has been planned for two weeks and it was to have the narcotics helicopter come in and do something really neat for our kids and that's business as usual for us and since we are back to business as usual after what happened earlier in the week we decided it would be fun to invite the upper school out to enjoy something cool," Tillman said. 

Students in the senior class filled the hallways with sand, tore books, and released mice in the school. Tillman says the hallways have been cleaned up and graduation is scheduled for next Thursday. 

Glenwood headmaster Cliff Moulton would not go on camera with News Leader 9 but sent an email saying, "Our goal here is to always try to do what is best for our kids, and having educational and fun events like those hosted today at the school are just what that is about. We have put the events of earlier this week behind us and are looking forward to a great end of this school year." 

At a School board meeting on Tuesday night Judge Al Hardin was named chairman. He told us in statement, "Glenwood has a wonderful family of teachers and parents who call came together to get the school back to normal. As you saw today everything has been restored and we are moving forward."

Hardin says that the school will handle the student's punishment internally. According to Phenix City Police students will not face criminal charges because the school has decided not to press charges. 

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