Ways to save money on your vacation

Mike and Gail LaFramboise are frequent travelers. The retired couple says they travel several times a year. Their secret is cost cutting habits they use while on vacation. "Many of our trips are made to Florida and of course it is defiantly much cheaper to drive than it is to fly, even with the price of gas it's still much more reasonable and cost effective to drive", says Gail LaFramboise.

Gail's husband Mike LaFramboise says, "The one thing about traveling by air is you have to come up with transportation when you get to your destination, you can drive, that's why driving is better, because you have your transportation with you." In addition to saving money on transportation Mike and Gail say you should always be on the lookout for informational brochures, flyers and coupons at businesses and hotels. "They promo events and activities and restaurants in the area and will have coupons in there for savings on cruises, dolphin shows and just any number of events and also money off of restaurants as well", Gail said.

By doing this she says you will always get more bang for your buck! "When we do eat out during dinner we look for the early bird specials. Many restaurants have those and basically what it means is if you come in between five and six o'clock in the afternoon you buy one dinner and you get one free, so that's quite a bargain", Gail said.

Other deals this couple says you should look out for are military discounts. "If you're military, the Destin Recreation Center offers special deals for people that are military or retired military and you can rent pontoons and jet ski's for half the going rate you can rent in town", says Mike.

Roxanne Towler with Triple A Travel in Columbus agrees. She says the best way to save money on vacation is cutting down on some of the simplest things. "Maybe you don't have to go to the finest dining places every night. You can go to a McDonalds or a lower priced restaurant, treat yourself once on your trip. There's a lot of sightseeing there's hop on hop off buses in most major cities and around the world now where you can just pay the one price for the day and get on and off of it at different sightseeing stops and its much less expensive than to take a taxi between things or taking a subway", Towler said.

But before you start planning your vacation Towler says the best advice she can offer is to be flexible. She told News Leader Nine, "Holidays are always more expensive Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day. In the summertime a lot of schools, different parts of the country, schools go back earlier in August or Labor Day it might be a better price.

And finding that better price while on vacation is what Gail and Mike have become experts at doing. In fact, they have even taken advantage of several free opportunities. "We visit Destin, Florida quite frequently and they have a tremendous fireworks show once a week that is just magnificent you wouldn't want to miss it. It's a great event so we definite look for that. Also air shows several times a week down there that are really, really fun to watch", Gail said.

So when planning that vacation remember these simple tips that can help you save money and enjoy your vacation.

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