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Nick Saban visits National Infantry Museum, praises soldiers


The Crimson Tide hit Columbus Thursday afternoon when the University of Alabama's head football coach toured the National Infantry Museum.  

Hundreds of Fort Benning soldiers from Foxtrot Company 2nd/19th Infantry and the Wounded Warriors Transition Battalion shook hands with Coach Nick Saban as he made his way into the museum.

"It was tremendously glorious for him to take time out of his day just to come and talk to a bunch of privates, but it was pretty cool.  I respect the man a lot," said Private First Class Goldman Thomas.

After a few autographs and a quick tour inside, the coach praised the discipline, teamwork, and leadership it takes to serve our country.  Coach Saban told News Leader 9 how thankful he is for every soldier.

"What they do to preserve our freedom, our safety as a nation.  The sacrifice they make.  I mean it is tough now just to get people to serve someone else let alone sacrifice to serve your country," said Saban.

No matter what team they root for, these soldiers said it was an honor for one of the most popular coaches in the nation to thank them.

"It opens your eyes to actually see someone who is famous who actually gets all the attention all the time from winning his championships and everything to bringing us I guess into the spotlight," said Private First Class Jonathan Roslatov.

One thing the troops and the coach agreed on: success on the battlefield or the football field only comes after hard work.

"If you look at the Army, you see discipline, teamwork, and togetherness, and when you have that you have a winning combination just like the University of Alabama.  Roll Tide," said Staff Sergeant William Glenn.

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