New project starts for old Swift Mill property

It's been six months since the historic Swift Mill burned in downtown Columbus. The rubble has been cleared and loft apartments are expected to be developed on the property.

The Swift Mill lot has been pretty much cleared to make way for a brand new project. What is left of the mill will be developed into 40 loft style apartments. "It is my understanding that the property owner is still developing the property for loft style apartments and they are continuing with that effort now," says Fire Marshall Ricky Shores.

Thursday inspectors were surveying the site getting it ready for the next phase. Windows have already been placed on the original part of the building that will be renovated. Shores told News Leader 9 while the property is being re-developed; the fire investigation is still open. "We still have not located the vehicle that we were searching for at the beginning of the investigation or the two individuals that we wanted to speak to." Two men were spotted at locations near the Swift Mill during the fire.

Shores says that investigators are doing all they can to solve the case. "It's certainly not something we want to rush obviously. It's a massive investigation. There are several important components to investigate. All that information takes time to compile,"Chief Shores said.

The project manager of the new loft style apartments would not go on camera with us Thursday but did say that the project is moving along quickly and that the lofts will be ready by December.

Land owner Burt Pace told News Leader 9 that the loft units will range from 1,800 to 2,500 square feet. Pace says the land in front of the old Swift Mill will likely be developed into a park.

As for the investigation Chief Shores says it will remain open until someone is brought to justice.

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