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76 Republican delegates to represent Georgia at National Convention


Former Speaker of The House, Newt Gingrich, spent the weekend in Columbus at the state Republican Convention, building up his support for Mitt Romney.

At a celebratory dinner Friday night, Gingrich urged delegates to support his former opponent Mitt Romney.

"The nation has two choices this fall and only two choices.   The nation can choose in Mitt Romney someone who is going to pick U.S. Supreme Court judges who are like Clarence Thomas or they can pick the most radical president in American history that is going to pick very radical judges" Gingrich said.

Georgia Republican delegates voted Saturday on who will represent them at the National Convention in Tampa, Florida.  Saturday morning Gingrich was joined by Governor Nathan Deal who was honored at a breakfast in Columbus.

"This is the prelude to sending delegates to the National Convention so this is the warm up act," said Governor Deal.

 "I have a very excited feeling about the election coming up we have a chance to gain two congressional seats in Georgia, carry the state for Mitt Romney and be a building block towards defeating Obama" Gingrich said.

Gingrich showed his support for Romney by wearing a Romney sticker during his address to delegates at the Civic Center.

Georgia will send a total of 76 delegates to the national convention in Tampa in August.  Delegates will choose a Republican candidate to face President Obama in the November election.

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