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Mom delivers nearly 12 pound baby in Columbus


A very big congratulation is in order for a Columbus family who just brought home a big bundle of joy. He's bigger than a sack of potatoes and even your average sized watermelon.

"We were expecting him to be a little bit on the big side, we knew he was going to be around 10 lbs. But, we had no idea he would be 11 1/2 lbs. So we were pleasantly surprised," said new mom Jessica Seymour.

Weighing in at more than 11 lbs and stretching almost 23 in., little, or shall we say big Brooks Thomas Seymour surprised everyone at the Doctor's Hospital in Columbus.

"They were very surprised. They commented on how large his head and his feet were. Affectionately, they had a lot of nicknames for him when we were in the hospital. Tank and Tiny and they called him Angus, because they say he was as strong as a bull," said Mrs. Seymour.

She wanted to have him naturally but her doctor told her no way!

"I had to have a C-section. Doctor Thorn was our doctor and he recommended a C-section because of his size. But, in the end I was very glad that [Dr. Thorn] recommended it, he obviously knew exactly what he was talking about," said Seymour.

Brooks has been home for a little over two days.

"It was good, his first night was really good. I actually had to wake him up twice to feed him and he actually didn't cry," said Seymour.

His dad says he was meant to be a football player 

"I'm proud. I'm very proud. I joked with everybody. We're big Alabama fans and Nick Saban was in town the day before and I kind of had an idea to go talk to him and tell him that I had a future linebacker ready to go, got his name all over it," new father Jamie Seymour said.

In 18 years we'll have to come back and see if dad is right.

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