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EDITORIAL: Check Your Facts

EDITORIAL: Do you believe everything you read on the Internet and all the e-mails you get daily? We suggest you don't believe anything you read without fact checking the claims.

I received one today regarding the Congressional Reform Act of 2012. There were a lot of accusations about members of congress concerning health care and pensions that are just not true. Yet, folks are getting riled up about the untrue facts set forth in the e-mail.

I have been getting e-mails and phone calls for years asking me why ABC banned US flag lapels pins for all their on-air talent. That is simply not true, but the e-mail that lays out that non-"fact" continues to circle the globe and gets republished as the absolute truth every few months.

In this age of bias, partisanship and unvented easy communications beware of what you read. So many people on the far left and right are determined to keep us from finding civility and compromise in our political system.

Let's learn the truths for ourselves.

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