3rd Infantry Division Monuments re-dedicated

FORT BENNING, GA (WXTX) - Soldiers and veterans sing songs of the Army as they stare at three monuments, honoring the sacrifices and the battles of the 3rd Infantry Division.

The ceremony was a re-dedication of the monuments, unveiled Wednesday on the Walk of Honor at the National Infantry Museum.

Guest speaker and former Columbus Mayor Bob Poydasheff said the monuments are just the start.

"As we re-dedicate the monument we should re-dedicate ourselves to supporting the armed forces, supporting the families."

Putting soldier support into action, Poydasheff added, "We don't want a hollow brigade. We want to see the army preserve and they need these benefits and we can't forget there are families."

Colonel Johnnie Johnson, who leads the 3rd Brigade at Fort Benning, said he's proud of to be a part of his brigade and the 3rd Infantry Division. "[We are] dog-faced soldiers, battle tested, dedicated, and we have a formation full of dedicated Americans who are dedicated to preserving our values and our nation."

Poydasheff has been outspoken about our soldiers not being treated the way they were after Vietnam. He says society blamed the soldiers when they came back.

"We lost approximately 58,287 people in Vietnam and I said that this would never happen to our soldiers here in Columbus.  And it hasn't. It's a great community, great people and they care."

The 3rd Brigade deploys to Kuwait again next month.

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