Candidates for Muscogee County sheriff gear up for elections

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) - Candidates are getting their paperwork together in order to be eligible to run for office in Muscogee County.

The three candidates running for sheriff spoke with FOX 54 and all said they are the best man or woman for the job.

"I feel very confident in the things I've did since I've become Sheriff. The things I ran on four years ago, I've accomplished, plus some," said incumbent Muscogee County Sheriff John Darr.

One of the candidates running against Sherrif Darr is 24-year police veteran, Pam Brown.  "When I win this election people will know who I am because I will be out in the community," said Brown.

Mark LaJoye says his 13 years of law enforcement prepared him well for the job.  "I feel pretty good about the competition. I think we're going to win, obviously," said LaJoye.

In November, Sheriff Darr could be out of a job, a job Brown and LaJoye say they can do better. "They say: 'Well what are you going to do different than the incumbent sheriff?' and I say, 'leadership,'" said LaJoye.

At his official announcement at the Government Center in Columbus, LaJoye promised to implement new programs, improve jail security and promotions practices.  Brown says she can do all that and more.

"I'm going to strive for a professional office. I will establish a system of fairness for the citizens of Muscogee County, along with the inmates, as well as the employees of the Muscogee Counties Sheriff's office."

Recently, LaJoye took to Facebook posting the results of a community survey.  "A lot of people said we don't know who the Sheriff is. And, that goes along with a lot of complaints that we heard in Columbus," said LaJoye.

Sheriff Darr says he has nothing to say about his opponents and he's staying focused on continuing to accomplish the goals he set four years ago.

"I feel very confident moving forward in this election, running on my record. I just hope whoever decides to run, for whatever office it may be, that they develop their platform and run on their platform," said Sheriff Darr.

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