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Rules to remember when preparing for graduation


The familiar sound of "Pomp and Circumstance" fills the air at the Civic Center in Columbus as students from Hardaway High School rehearse for graduation.

"We know it's an exciting time of year. We're extremely proud of our seniors who are graduating today and we want to celebrate with them," Muscogee County Communications Director Valarie Fuller said.

Nearly 2,000 Muscogee County seniors are graduating this year.

"It's been kind of a standing joke that I always cry at graduation. But, it's just to see them there and know how proud their parents are of them and that they've worked hard and that this is a milestone in their lives," Muscogee County Superintendent Susan Andrews.

A milestone that Andrews says every family should be able to hear and see. That's when graduation rules come into play.

First, hold the applause. "We want to hear every single name that's called when they come across the stage. So we just ask that they save their applause until the final row of graduates are complete and then they can clap and applaud for that group," said Fuller.

"Graduation ceremonies should be a very distinguished ceremony. It's not a sporting event. It is not a pep rally. It's a very distinguished ceremony," said Andrews.

Second, gifts are not allowed inside the ceremony. "All those gifts, all those beautiful flowers and gifts that their bringing, if they'll exchange them after they walk out; after they walk outside of the center," said Fuller.

Finally, the camera flash can be distracting. "With taking pictures; that's a great thing we don't want to block anybody's view, so just be conscious of the fact that other people are still trying to view as you're taking pictures," said Fuller.

The board says if the rules are not followed, security is on hand to escort violators out of the ceremony. It is a measure they do not want to take.

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