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Memorial Day weekend travel: gas prices and traffic


AAA estimated that more than 30 million people would travel by car this Memorial Day weekend. Now, most of those vacationers that hit the roads on Friday are making their way home.

"We have seen so many vehicles where we go and people are actually texting and driving. And it is very, very concerning. You can see them weaving," said traveler Kristin Manos.

Manos is making a quick stop in Columbus before returning home to Florida after a road trip across the country. She says lower gas prices helped make the trip possible. In fact, according to, over the past two months the price of gas in our area has dropped about 50 cents down to about $3.37 per gallon.          

"We were so excited because every time we went a little bit further, the gas prices actually got lower," said Manos.

Georgia traveler Fred Cabrera agreed. However, data from shows gas today is still about 60 cents higher than 2 years ago.

"Since it was down in the lower $3, we said okay, let's go," said Cabrera.

Corporal David Holland with Georgia State Patrol's Nighthawks DUI task force is joining other state troopers still patrolling the roads Monday night.

"After long holiday stretches like this, people take advantage of the days off, and those who drink like to drink a lot," said Holland.

He says they have pulled over almost 40 people in Columbus since Friday for DUI. So what are they looking for?

"Weaving primarily. Folks that are driving at high rates of speed. Driving too close," said Holland.

Drivers have tips of their own to stay safe heading home

"Go the speed limit. Don't go above it," said Cabrera.

Troopers say if you see anything you think is suspicious during your travels, call 911.

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