Major renovation slated for Midtown shopping center

The Midtown area thrived in the early 1980's, which is 20 years after the old Columbus Square Mall, Cross Country Plaza and Midtown Shopping Center opened their doors.  Since that time stores have come and gone.

The mall was demolished a little over 10 years ago. Now the library, Public Education Center and City Services Complex sits in its place and the Midtown shopping area is slowly being reborn.

"Makes me smile every time I drive by and I see the progress of the construction being made on those buildings," said Midtown Inc. Director Anne King.

King says the new Publix was just the start of what is to come in the Midtown area especially with the new swimming complex and new shops that are expected in the Midtown Shopping Center.  "It's going to create more services, entertainment and restaurants as families bring their children in for swim meets."

Morris Ewing the developer in Atlanta who is helping with the remolding and renovation project at the shopping center told FOX 54 that they are still working on lease agreements for big named retailers.

Chong Gamble has owned Golden Beauty Supply on Macon Road for the past five years. Her daughter Delilah Cox also works in the store. She's hoping the renovation project brings more customers to the area.

Cox says that business has been steady and could use and increase. Most stores like Toys R' Us and Rhodes furniture closed taking customers with them.  King says with new stores and opportunities she is sure that people will come back.

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