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Skate park safety questioned after gunman holds up teens

A group of skaters tell FOX 54 they were held at gun point last weekend at the Jonathan Hatcher Skateboard Park in Columbus.

A police report was not filed, but the parents asked WTVM to look in to the number of police patrols at the park.

"It is a really cool place to come and it is fun.  Everyone gets along and there are rarely ever any problems," said Daniel Green.
Gannon Huey also spends lots of time at the park. He said, "It is a place for me to skate so I do not get in trouble."

Huey said he feels safe at the park when there is a big group, but it can get nerve wracking when he is by himself. He said seeing a Columbus Police Officer ride by is a rare occurrence. "When some of the people here go skate the Civic Center they show up, but they do not really patrol.  They are here for the baseball games, but other than that they are not really here." 

Mayor Teresa Tomlinson said the skate park is on regular patrol for the Columbus Police, but she would ask the Chief to increase the frequency.

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