EXCLUSIVE: Pastor John Hagee coming to Columbus

He is known for controversial comments about some hot button political issues and Pastor John Hagee will be talking about an international threat that hits close to come on an upcoming visit to Columbus, GA.

FOX 54 did an exclusive interview by phone with Hagee, the senior pastor of a Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, TX. He will be the keynote speaker at "A Night to Honor Israel" next Sunday, June 10 in the Fountain City.

Pastor Hagee told News Leader 9 there are several important goals at that event, including educating people about Israel and America having the same dangerous enemies. Another goal is unity.

"To bring Christians and Jews together, in an atmosphere of trust and mutual esteem. Many pastors in America's major cities don't even know the Jewish rabbis that have been in that city," said Pastor Hagee.

As the founder of Christians United for Israel, Pastor Hagee also says, a nuclear holocaust is a real possibility in the Holy Land, without a military pre-emptive strike. News Leader 9 asked why Americans should care.

"Iran's terrorists are not coming to America. They're already here! And once Iran has those nuclear capabilities, bringing nuclear suitcase bombs across the Mexican border will be a very simple thing and America can experience something very quickly, far worse than anything we experienced on 9/11," Pastor Hagee answered.

As for misconceptions, Pastor Hagee responded to critics who blame Israel for all the fighting and bloodshed.

"They are confusing the firemen and the arsonist," Hagee said. "They don't show you the terrorist who threw the bomb that killed the people that forces Israel to respond."

Again, Hagee will be in Columbus Sunday, June 10th at 6pm for the pro-Israel event at the RiverCenter. If you are interested in tickets, click here: https://secure.acceptiva.com/?cst=033cbd

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