Woman Shot to Death at Cols Gas Station Before Lie Detector Test - @ 11

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Murder Victim's Wife Dies Before Polygraph

A weekend murder near Augusta, Georgia now has a Columbus twist after the wife of the murdered man is found shot to death at a Columbus gas station. News Leader 9 has learned the woman may have shot herself just before taking a lie detector test in connection with her husband's death.  We've got the latest on the investigation.

This Really Bites

It almost impossible to avoid them in the summer, but for some folks mosquitoes are a lot more than just a nuisance. We'll tell you how to protect yourself and your children from the bites that can do more than hurt this summer.

Mistrial for John Edwards

It was a stunning decision - former presidential hopeful John Edwards walks out of court practically a free man after a mistrial is declared in his campaign fraud case. Here what Edwards is saying about the decision.

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