World's Widest Yard Sale runs through Phenix City

Itclaims to be the widest yard sale in the world as it stretches the entire widthof the state of Alabama.

"We've had some peopleactually from Montgomery, from a little further away we had a few people fromColumbus coming through hoping to find some good deals," explained BarbaraSmith, the owner of Fairytale Resale who set up a booth outside her Highway 80store.

And she says there are plentyof good deals to choose from, "If they don't see what they need out herewe're right in front of our store so they can go inside."

Some of the vendors for the World's Widest Yard Sale are first timers, like Latasha Dees who is raisingmoney for a non-profit organization. She said she has, "Lots and lots ofclothes. We have baby clothes, children's clothes, shoes and then we also havewomen's accessories."

Others, like Jack Turnbull, areregulars to the yard sale scene. He told FOX 54, "I enjoy it. Ilike doing this anyway. There's a little more activity than might be normal.It's a lot of fun. I like talking to people and work with people so it worksout good for me."

The yard sale stretches theentire width of Alabama, starting in Phenix City and ending in Cuba, Alabama.

Smith said, "We lovehaving people come through here that maybe haven't seen this part of townbefore. You know, putting Ladonia on the map, Phenix City on the map as far asgetting people to know that we're here."

The shoppers were few and farbetween Thursday, but vendors like Dees expect that to change, "Tomorrow Iexpect it to be just another steady day like today, but on Saturday I hope thatwe are really busy. I hope to earn a lot of money."

And some of the sellers, likeTurnbull, did a little shopping of their own, "Well I've always beenshopping. I got a real nice chainsaw for ten dollars and I thought that was agood buy. And I bought an electric scooter for $10, and both of those areexcellent buys that I'll make a nice profit from."

The World's Widest Yard Salestarted Thursday morning and ends Saturday.

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