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Battling the insects of summer


Summer is almost here and with that means more bugs. While everyone is enjoying the outdoors, what can you do to make sure the creepy crawlers do not hurt you or your child?

For 7-year-old Kendall Anderson the warm weather of late spring means having fun outside, but it also means battling insect bites.

Her mom, Sherry, says mosquito bites on her daughter turn into huge blisters and sometimes get infected. The 7-year-old has scars all over her legs from the bites. Her mom says she knows her daughter has an extreme case.

"It's awful.  I worry about one biting her on the face because they leave such bad scars and not only do they leave bad scars, but they are painful to her," said Anderson.

Dr. Ashley Davis with Pediatric Acute Care in Columbus says most people are allergic to some degree to mosquitoes, and the best way to beat them is prevention.

"Staying indoors during the dawn and dusk hours of the day.  That is when mosquitos are most active.  Staying away from wetland or standing water areas," said Davis.

He says for most people mosquito bites will not send you to the hospital, but you do need to look out for other insects like bees.

"Difficulty breathing, vomiting or anything immediately after a bee sting," said Davis. He lists symptoms of an allergic reaction to bee stings. If you have symptoms like that from a bee sting, Davis says you need medical attention immediately.

Another creepy crawler, ticks, could cause issues even though rare.

"A large rash, joint pain, high fever.  Pretty obvious things that would need to be seen by a physician," said Davis.

Anderson works hard to make sure her child is protected from all bugs with sprays and creams, but Kendall will never like mosquitos.

"I don't like it when they bite me because we're not messing with them."

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