More details about alleged chicken coop family's past

The Butler, Georgia family, who neighbors told authorities pad-locked their daughter in an outdoor building without food and water, may have also done the same thing over three years ago in another county.

We went to Roberta, Georgia, the town where the family lived 3 years ago. A neighbor told us she had her suspicions about the family when one day, she says, the girl walked over to her house, knocked on the door and said, "Please help me. I haven't eaten in three days."

The woman said she began to cook for the girl, but was interrupted when Diana Franklin, the girl's mother, grabbed the girl and according to the neighbor yelled, "You can't eat if you don't work."
Franklin Family Attorney, Kevin Bradley, denies any wrongdoing on part of the family and they look forward to getting their daughter back.
The GBI continues to investigate this case.
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