Breathalyzer kiosks might reduce drunk driving in Auburn

The weekend is here and that means some people are hitting the bar scene. However, you might notice something different at some spots in Auburn. It is called the IntoxBox.

"A 19 inch high definition television touch screen powered by an Acer computer with Windows 7 which is connected to a state of the art breathalyzer system," said Cody Haycraft with IntoxBox.

Haycraft says for just $1, this high tech breathalyzer allows a person to test their blood alcohol content, and then, they can order a cab if it is over the legal limit a blood alcohol content of .08%.

"It gives people an opportunity to not only check their blood alcohol content and know their limits, but it helps them to make a responsible decision," said Haycraft.

In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says car accidents involving drunk drivers cause one death every 48 minutes in the United States.  Keeping customers safe is why John Brandt, the co-owner of War Eagle Supper Club in Auburn, decided to get the breathalyzer in April, and he says it is working.

"Sometimes somebody might say, 'Oh, I'm okay to drive, and somebody might say 'We'll see what happens when you blow in the box over there.' I have seen that happen now, and they will ride the bus or ride a cab home," said Brandt.

The Supper Club is not alone. Little Italy Pizzeria and Bourbon Street in Auburn are both sporting the kiosk breathalyzer.

"It's getting them home safe and keeping other people on the roadway safe. And, that is the most important thing about this," said Brandt.

If you would like more information about the IntoxBox, you can contact Cody Haycraft at or 256-558-4588.

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