Warm temperatures draws snakes

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) - Peoplein the Valley have reported seeing a heavy increase in snakes recently. NewsLeader 9 spoke to several companies that capture snakes who say this hasalready been a busy summer.

JarrodYasenchok, the Owner of Affordable Wildlife Eviction, says they've seen doublethe amount of snakes from last year. "We've seen an increase in snakesprobably due to the weather. It wasn't as cold for the winter and there aremore rodents so with more rodents that's the food population for thesnakes."

Yasenchok says they've found alot of snakes inside the home.

"When you get into the urbanresidential neighborhood you're gonna find them in the attics because that'swhere your rats and mice stay. So a lot of people call us with noises in theattic of mice and rats, we go up and find snake skins and snakes."

According to the University ofGeorgia's, School of Forestry and Wildlife Resources, there is no factual wayto determine if there has been an increase in snakes because they're notaccurately counted, but local animal eviction companies and people who've seensnakes, say they're everywhere.

Yasenchok uses a yellow snaketrap, with a glue board that will trap the snake. "Our average so far isanywhere from 4-5 foot. Every now and again you get a small one but so farthey've been big in the attics."

Toprevent the snakes on your property, Yasenchok says, keep your shrubs clean andget rid of rodents. Also, putting snake granules out will keep snakes away fromthe home and keep them in the yard.

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