Space in Columbus government center could be redeveloped

When the new city services complex opens its doors, the Columbus Government Center could turn into to somewhat of a ghost town.

It was 40 years ago when the old courthouse was demolished and city services were moved to current location in the 14-story government center. Unlike the old courthouse city, manager Isaiah Hughley says the Government Center Tower will not be torn down but available space could be re-developed for other uses.

"We will possibly need another superior courtroom because we have one judge without a courtroom," said Hughley.  "We [do] know possibly we will need a new juvenile courtroom."

Hughley says a study is underway to figure out what to do with the space. 28,000 square-feet will be freed up which sounds like a lot. The entire complex is 368,000 square feet, but that isn't enough for all the city workers. The new complex in Midtown will allow more flexibility.

"We know that some offices are spread out on different floors and we will have some opportunities to bring some of those offices back together on single floor for efficiency," Hughley said.

The new complex on Macon Road will be home to the Tax Commissioner and tag office, elections, finance and business license offices as well as the new city council chambers.

According to the city manager, the Government Center will continue to be the place that will house the mayor's office and the city manager's office. Only the high volume offices will be moved out to the city services center, which is expected to be finished in 2013.

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