Will "road blocking" school board members be re-elected?

The Muscogee County School Board has been in the spotlight recently for five of the members banning together to roadblock the superintendent's recommendations for principal assignments. Three of those five members are up for re-election and FOX 54 found one opposing candidate who hopes to make the school board more about the students instead of politics.

Shannon Heflin says she has experience in education, "I've spent hundreds of hours inside the school system: teaching, working with students, and understanding the interior workings of a school."

And Heflin hopes to bring that experience to the school board as she runs for the District 7 position. "I don't have political aspirations. I want to make sure my children succeed in the school system, I believe in them and I believe the only way for that to happen it so not have politics in the school board."

Recently five school board members voted to block the superintendent's recommendations for principals, leaving many administrators in limbo until a decision is made.

Muscogee County School Board Chair Cathy Williams told FOX 54, "We've got schools that don't have principals right now. It's a domino effect. There are assistant principals involved, teachers have to be hired. A lot of things that happen behind the scenes happen in the summer. So we are kind of just sitting still."

Heflin says their vote was an embarrassing way to run the district, "We hired a superintendent based on her education, her credibility, her experience and just because she is leaving doesn't mean we should not honor her recommendations."

And if elected, she hopes to conduct business that focuses more on the people inside the schools, "Those principals deserve to have a fair vote."

School Board elections will take place July 31.

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