Mayor Tomlinson: Property taxes not rising but value going up

Therewas a lot of confusion after the City of Columbus sent out a press release,announcing a proposed property tax increase but Mayor Teresa Tomlinson saysthere will be no tax increase.

"In no way are we, or havewe, increased the tax rate or millage rate in anyway," Mayor Tomlinson told FOX 54. The confusion came because of mandatory language requirements fromthe state in Monday's statement to the public on taxes.

Mayor Tomlinson says of thecity, "[We have] to notify the citizens whether or not the tax receiptshave increased for the community, and it's a good thing in our case. They havenot increased in tax hikes, or tax increases, but, they've increased due togrowth."

But what is a receipt? Thereceipts are the funds that are coming in from the taxes.

"So if you have a home for$100,000, it's been valued under our tax system, [then] it's applied to all theresidential properties. And you were going to spend a certain amount of taxes. If you sell your house for $150,000, necessarily, the person who's justbought your house is going to pay more taxes because they're paying on a higheramount."

Mayor Tomlinson added, thatwith several new homes being built and purchased, and with the military growthin the area, what used to be vacant lots now have homes and those new propertytax dollars are adding to the city's receipts.  She says it's actuallygood and shows Columbus is growing and has more value.

Pam Hodge, Columbus' FinanceDirector says, "The receipts have increased based on the valuation, timesyour millage rate; so that equals your tax receipt."

The tax receipts have increasedfrom $72 to $73 million this year from last year.

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