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Crowds gather to see transit of Venus


People headed out to Columbus State University's Coca-Cola Space Science Center to see out-of-this-world stuff, and Tuesday evening, the main event was even more special: Venus passing directly between the Earth and Sun.

"It is really rare, andthis is probably going to be the only time I'm ever going to see it," said 6-year-old Nathan Stagliano. The next time Venus looks like a small black disk against the sun will be in 105 years!

 "We are getting information about how planets go around their mother star. That in turn is going to help us down the road find other planets around otherstars in the distant universe," said Michael Seckinger with the Space Science Center.

Seckinger says teams from Columbus were sent to Mongolia and Australia to capture the data from the transit ofVenus.

"Not only is it happening ,but it is happening at a time when we have the technology and the expertise to really study it, observe it, and learn from it."  

People were able to look at thetransit with telescopes and with live feeds from the Space Center teams. Nathan's dad, Eric, said it was an amazing opportunity for his young sons.

 "I think it is crucial.  I want my kids to be fascinated by science and math and all the different scientific things," said the father.

But, 9-year-old Andrew, Nathan's older brother, does not think this will lead to his own space travels.

"Well from what I hear being an astronaut is pretty dangerous so probably not go into space, but havesome to do with NASA," said Andrew.

According to NASA, the next time there will be a transit of Venus will be December 11, 2117.

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