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Four strokes your child needs to know in the water

Six-year-old Trinity Edmonds loves to swim. "Front crawl, back glide," said the little girl naming off her favorite strokes.

However, for many children getting into the water can be dangerous.  Drowning is the leading cause of death for children according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. 

That is why swimming instructor Carlos Echevarria at Chattahoochee Scuba in Columbus says it is important to teach your young children how to swim.

"Here we have them [lessons starting] at six months old.  That's a good to one just because they are in and around water early.  So, that way when they turn four, we offer preschool aquatics here.  So that's when they really can go into group classes with just instructor as opposed to having their parents in the water with them," said the instructor.

Echevarria says your child needs to know these four movements to stay safe in the water.  First: is floating.  Trinity just relaxes in the water, and her the instructor makes sure to keep her hands close just in case. 

Next, Echevarria says kicking is as important as the motor of a car.  Trinity kicks by alternating moving her feet in the water. 

The third move your child need to know is "the crawl" or how to swim on his or her stomach, and finally, how to roll.

But, Echevarria says the most important safety tip of all is adult supervision.

"They are taught to swim here, but it is always a good idea to keep an eye on your child because you just never know," said Echevarria.

The majority of swimming accidents happen at home.  To help protect your children, many pool supply store offer alarms for your doors to let you know if a child goes outside without you. 

There are even alarms for your pool that let you know if your child gets in the water without any supervision.

With all these safety tips, this 6-year-old can enjoy the pool

"Because the water is fun," said Trinity.

The following links are to different swimming lesson organizations in the Columbus area.

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