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Soldiers depart Fort Benning for 9-month deployment


They'reconfident and they say they are ready to get the mission done. Soldiersand their families said their final goodbyes before they left for a 9-monthdeployment to Afghanistan.

Hugs, kisses, and whispers ofcomfort filled the air at Fort Benning.

"I've been through unclesand cousins and close relatives going and they've always came back. This isn'tany different for me," said Raquel Henandez-Snyder

Married for eight years andfather of two, Specialist Brian Hernandez-Snyder held his six-year-old sonGeorge tight and stood close to his daughter 17-year-old Raquel moments beforehe deployed for the first time.

"I'm not worried at allbecause in my law enforcement background I have been shot at, nearly killed,and been in high speed pursuits; so I'm not worried.  That's why I knowI'm going to come home," Hernandez-Snyder said.

Complete the mission and comehome, that's what many of the soldiers in the 63rd Engineer Company of the 11thEngineer Battalion said to News Leader 9.

The mission is to deconstructfacilities that are no longer functional or required.

"We're very well trained,very well disciplined; I have a lot of confidence in them and I have a lot ofconfidence in this mission," Sfc. Timothy Kiernan said.

Between 100 and 200 soldiersare expected to make the trip to Afghanistan.

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