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Mom says daughter was kicked out of mall for t-shirt


With school out, many parents are spending time with their kids at our local mall. However, a Columbus mother is furious after she says she was asked to leave Peachtree Mall because of a word on her daughter's t-shirt.

"I'd sooner take my money to Atlanta or Montgomery before I'd give it back to Peachtree Mall," said Millie, who asked not to use her last name.

She said last week a security guard at Peachtree Mall asked her and her 12-year-old daughter Sarah to leave because of word ASS on her daughter's shirt.

"She was not showing any body parts.  She was totally covered from her neck down.  Nothing was hanging out where it should not have been," said Millie.

According to Millie, the security guard first asked for her daughter to turn the shirt inside-out.  Instead of walking across the mall to the bathroom, Millie said she put a hair clip over the word and kept shopping, but she says they were then asked to leave.

"I was very humiliated.  I honestly have never been as humiliated like that in my life," said Sarah.

Peachtree Mall General Manager Chris McCoy released statement saying:

 "At Peachtree Mall it is our goal to create a family friendly shopping environment. It is our policy, provided for by our Code of Conduct, that inappropriate language not be used in the mall, verbal or written. In the case of written inappropriate language, we address it every time we see it."

The mall does have a code of conduct posted at every entrance.  It outlines activities that are not allowed including "disruptive profanity, vulgar or threatening language."

News Leader 9 asked other shoppers around Columbus what they thought.

"The mall is a family environment.  People bring their children.  They bring their relatives, and it just isn't appropriate for people of all ages," said Columbus shopper Lisa Sampson.

"People need to think a little more about what your exposing other people's kids and families to," said Fran Fluker.

But, Millie said the mall's code does not include anything specifically about clothing and her child's shirt does not compare to other things people can see in the mall.

"You see naked people on posters. You see people with their rears hanging out because their pants are down to their knees. You see breasts and everything else hanging out of the way people are dressed. There are stores in there that sell inappropriate toys. But, they want to get on to a kid because she has a shirt," said Millie.

Millie says they actually bought the shirt about two years ago at Peachtree Mall.

The mall's manager did not answer our questions concerning if the code of conduct applies to what stores sell or if there is a specific dress code for customers.

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