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EDITORIAL: Auburn Tragedy

EDITORIAL:  A horrible tragedy happened in Auburn on a warm summer Saturday evening. Three young men were needlessly killed, Auburn students and Auburn athletes.

A massive manhunt went on for three days following the shooting and ended when the alleged killer turned himself in.

Our justice system will now offer due process and hopefully justice will be served.

Law enforcement agencies from local, state and federal sources were involved and worked well together to apprehend the alleged shooter. All seemed to have done a great job and are to be commended.

I was most impressed with two people.

One was Auburn Police Chief Tommy Dawson who always kept us focused on the families of the victims and even the family of the suspect, constantly reminding us what an awful ordeal this has been for all of them.

He showed great respect to all involved which, in turn, make me feel great respect for Chief Dawson.

I was also impressed with Coach Chizik. With football practice around the corner Coach Chizik put that aside emotionally and showed great compassion and passion for the Auburn family and how this incident might affect players and families.

I appreciate his caring kindness.

Keep the victims, their families and the families of the suspect in your thoughts and prayers as this process goes forward.

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