Auburn organization raises money for murder victims

The Auburn University students are coming together to help with funeral expenses for Ladarious Phillips and Ed Christian.

Christian and Phillips were not only students and former football players, but they were also part of the Auburn family.

Auburn University senior and athlete Johnathon Haynes said, "To lose these two has definitely brought back that unity. You see more people trying to get involved and standing beside each other and comfort each other because we lost two very, very great people."

Johnathon Haynes and his friends were shocked to hear the news of a shooting that took place in Auburn. They were devastated when they discovered their friends were the victims.

"A lot of my friends are saying this surreal, they want to wake up and realize this was just a dream, or that Ladarious and Ed are okay. This is something that feels kind of scripted in a movie. This is not typical of Auburn," said Haynes.

In an effort to show their support during this hard time, Haynes and his friends have started raising money through their organization, Orange Navy.

Haynes explained, "We are always looking for ways to make a difference and to be involved. From what we can assume, there will be funeral expenses and what other way could we show our love and support than to help the families raise money to support their loved ones."

If you want to donate to the Orange Navy's account set up for the victims' families, you can click here.

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