Families gear up for a day of fun in the park

It'sthat time of year again when thousands make their way to Cooper Creek Park forFamily Day in the Park.

Preparations for the 26th AnnualFamily Day in the Park is well underway and organizers say this year the eventwill be bigger than ever.

"We got Troy Snead,Shanita Jones, Roy and the Revelations.  We've got the number one artistin the country. On the urban charts right now Cash Out that's going to beperforming live.  [We'll also have] Travis Porter, V.I.C [he's the artistof the Wobble Song]," said Davis Broadcasting Program Director MichaelSoul.

With more than 10,000 peopleexpected to descend on Cooper Creek Park, Columbus Police Department say theywill be there to make sure everyone has a good time.

" Usually the kids and thefamilies have a great time.  We just want to be prepared for the heat and thetraffic.  We're trying to tell people when they come to make sure theypark inside of the park and not in the businesses and on the side of theroad," Maj. Wanna Barker Wright said.

"When you get out there,there are people with tents, blankets, and lawn chairs. Everybody is justhaving a great time.  It's almost like afamily reunion," said Soul.

Therewill be plenty of fun activities for the entire family. "We got our annualbarbeque book off coming back this year.  We got a kids zone for the kidsand a teen challenge as well. There's something for the entire family."

MajorWright said if you are not coming to the event, try to avoid that area. Theevent is from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m.

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