Customers asked to "Roundup" for Ronald McDonald House

The Ronald McDonald House in Columbus is known as "The House that Love Built."  
"I told them they named it wrong. I said it is not a house, it is a home. It is a home away from home," said Judy Griffin, who is currently staying at the Ronald McDonald House.
Griffin spent the day Friday at a local McDonald's asking for customers to round up and give their extra change to a cause she believes in.   The "Roundup for Ronald McDonald House" is happening all weekend at Columbus and Phenix City McDonald's.
Griffin comes from Chattanooga once a month to see her granddaughter who is staying in a facility that the Ronald McDonald House honors.  "I would not have been able to.  I would not have been able to come and stay more than one or two nights, certainly not a week."
Parents of preemie babies, others that have children who have been in car accidents, or need other specialized medical care are invited to stay in the house and pay anywhere between $3 and $10 a night.  
"It is comfortable it is just like being in their own home. They have meals provided for them.  They have the staff, volunteers, and more importantly, the other families going through the same situation.  So, it is a support system," explained the house's Executive Director. 
Griffin urges you to visit McDonald's this weekend and say "yes" to rounding up.
"It is made possible by the you's and the me's and everybody. It is something that everybody can do. Just drop it in that little box when you pay for your burgers or fries.  And, over and over again it amounts up."

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