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Underage Drinking Increases In Summer

Less than a week after a Columbus teen was killed when police say her boyfriend – driving under the influence- crashed her car, parents are being warned tonight to be on the lookout for underage drinking.  Police say in the summer, they see an increase in teenage drinking.  We've got some warning signs for parents to watch for.

Auburn Fans Reach Out to Hospitalized Shooting Victim 

One of the victims of the Auburn apartment shooting more than a week ago remains hospitalized in Birmingham.  Tonight strangers are reaching out to help his family.  We'll tell you how Auburn fans have started a campaign to help the victim and his family.

Fast and Furious Fallout

There's a new twist in the fallout from the Justice Department's fast and furious operation.  The House Oversight Committee, which is leading an investigation into how the program went awry, took an unprecedented step today - recommending the Attorney General be held in contempt.

Tonight's Most Wanted

She's wanted on drug charges and she's on the run.  Tonight police need your help bringing her in.  We've got the details in tonight's Most Wanted.

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