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Freight Train Hits Stuck Tractor Trailer Caught on Video


A Sycamore man witnesses a train ramming a tractor trailer and catches it all on camera.

The driver of the tractor trailer, 37 year old Antonio Robinson bottomed out while trying to cross the railroad tracks. He made every effort he could to get the truck off the track but he was unsuccessful and it was taken out by a mile long train.

The man behind the amazing footage is Bryan Duke. He shot it while he was pumping gas at Denham's in Sycamore this morning. "We were literally waiting for a train wreck to happen so I thought I would tape it," he said.

He says once he realized everyone was okay and there was nothing more anyone could do he pulled out his cell phone.

Police say the driver was crossing the tracks to go get a tire fixed but he bottomed out and was unable to move the truck from the tracks. "The truck driver made every attempt to get the truck off but there was nothing he could do," he said.

That's when the train picked up the truck like a rag doll and took it down the tracks more than 100 yards..before dumping it on the side of the road. "It didn't even know the truck was there it creamed it," he said.

The train kept going but the trailer was tossed to the side. Inside the trailer? BMW's, A Jaguar, and a Honda Civic. It took officials hours to clean up the crash. A chemical company was called in to deal with 15 gallons of hydraulic fluid that spilled. The estimated cost of the crash? 750,000 dollars..just for Norfolk Southern.

Robinson was issued a citation from the Georgia State Patrol.

Antonio Robinson drove off without the trailer. It will be up to him to come back and pick up that trailer full of cars from Sycamore.



A Norfolk Southern Freight Train hit a stuck Tractor Trailer Truck at a crossing in the Turner County town of Sycamore.

Police say the driver, 37 year-old Antonio Robinson had exited the truck and was attempting to call Norfolk to have the train stopped. 

Officials say Robinson was driving on a non-approved route and the truck got bottomed out and got stuck on the tracks.

The trained had slowed to about 20 to 25 miles per hour before it broadsided the truck.

No one was hurt in the 10:30am Saturday accident.

This video was shot by Bryan Duke of Sycamore.

He was stopped at Denham's Convenience Store on U-S 41 South and was getting gas when he saw the truck stuck on the tracks and the sound of the train getting closer.

Georgia Department of Transportation closed part of U-S 41 down for about an hour after the crash happened.

Georgia State Patrol charged Robinson with improper stopping on tracks.  Officials say he works for Royce Transport Company out of South Carolina and was hauling cars.

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