Leighton Jordan is crowned Miss Georgia

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The newly crowned Miss Georgia Leighton Jordan stopped by News Leader 9 for an exclusive interview Sunday.

Just one day after going from Miss Capital City to holding the state title, she says she's ready to raise awareness for her platform.

It's a job 33 women from all over Georgia spent the entire week vying for.  However, only one could win the title and the crown.

"Yes it has been completely overwhelming but so fun," newly crowned Miss Georgia Leighton Jordan said.

As tears streamed down the Suwanee native's face Saturday night at the River Center,  Jordan says all she could think about was how blessed she was.

"Just a complete sense of overwhelming and just so blessed and excited. I really honestly don't remember what exactly I was thinking other than I was just so thankful that I was the one that the judges chose to have this job," said Jordan.

Jordan says getting to the crown was not easy; she had some stiff competition this year.

"All the contestants were amazing. The overwhelming sense of here I am, I have a week to do this and when it comes to Saturday night, it's either you're Miss Georgia or you aren't," Jordan said.

Jordan says one of her first task is to promote her platform which is very close to her heart.

"My brother is special needs. He is profoundly deaf so we use sign language to communicate with him. My platform is the "Sibling Support Project" which is an organization that really focuses on the sibling of special needs because there's such a huge need for it," Jordan said.

According to Jordan, the siblings of special needs children sometimes don't get as much attention or support as they may need.

"A New York Times article published said that siblings of special needs are often called the shadow siblings.  I figured that it was a need that I know about and I want to use this year to promote my platform to help siblings just like me," Jordan said.

In about six months Jordan will be heading to the Miss America competition in Las Vegas. News Leader 9 wishes her the best of luck!

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