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Candidates litter Columbus with campaign signs


This year's elections are going to be pretty competitive if you take a cue from the large number of campaign signs throughout the city.

At least 20 campaign signs crowed the front of the Shell gas station on Macon Road and down the street, another 15 or so line the sidewalk of a parking lot.

Greg Coates, Columbus planning examiner, said he sends out an inspector to see if the signs are in violation. If so, they pick them up, but if not they leave the signs alone.

Coates said the signs are disposed of after they are taken by an inspector.  A new sign inspector has been hired and they are to begin enforcing the code July 9th.

According to the rules, candidates are supposed to use a power pole or a light pole as a guide point from where to start measuring. The rules say the signs are supposed to start at least three feet behind the guideline. It is also against codes to attach a sign to a city pole. 

"You can use this as a simple rule of thumb to determine where the right of way is," Coates said. "You put it three feet behind the imaginary line form by either the utility poles, a sidewalk. Also, you can put it three feet beyond a back slope of a right away ditch."

Coates said signs can only be placed on private property with the permission of the owner.  Any sign on city property will be removed by the sign inspector.

"People who are running for office have teams of people out doing things for them so we know who did what," Coates said. "However, we can tell you this. Every time that you do it, and we see it, we will take it."

If you have any questions or concerns about campaign signs, you can contact the city at 706-653-4126.

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