Columbus man lives to tell about near death experience

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A Columbus man is counting his blessings this holiday. Cote Carter, 34, says the stars definitely lined up for him when he lost control of the wheel around 7 a.m. Wednesday.

Carter had just reached the Columbus line after driving in from working an overnight shift at the Kia plant in West Point.

The 2004 silver Infiniti skidded about 50 yards into the wood line on I-185 southbound near the Williams Road exit. The car knocked out trees and snapped a street sign before landing in the woods.

Carter said he can't believe he lived through the ordeal, "Just like they say on TV, flashes, are all I seen. I wasn't screaming or anything."

The visions of bright colors Carter saw in his eyes, he said, made him think the worst. "When I did hit a tree, I saw a flash and I guess that was the deploying of an airbag. Once it hit, I thought it was on fire—that's what I thought. So, I took my seat belt off and climbed out the passenger window."

At that point, other drivers stopped to make sure Carter was okay. He recalled one motorist asking him what day it was.

His wife also rushed to the scene and was shocked the accident was the 'big one', said Carter.

Carter walked away without a scratch. No other cars were involved in the accident.

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